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Frequently asked questions and some answers!
Where is Iceland?

Iceland is a North Atlantic island and a part of Europe. It lies about 800 km northwest of Scotland and 970 km west of Norway, and it´s northern coast is just below the Arctic Circle.

How do I go to Iceland?

We don´t recomend rowing Solo accross the atlantic, but that is one way to get here! Frequent flights operate to Iceland from Europe´s and North America main cities.

How cold is it?

Summer temperatures are around 15°C with the north and east often being the warmest parts in the summer but coldest in winter. Average January temperatures in Reykjavík, at around zero, are actually higher than those in New York.

How should I dress?

In the summer, light clothing is often all you need – but always be prepared for both cold and wet weather at all times of the year. The weather can be extremely changeable. Icelanders often say, “If you don´t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.” And always bring a bathing suit, whatever time of the year you visit.

What are the people like?

Exceptionally friendly, highly educated, sophisticated, attractive, honest and very modest 😉 Their ancestors were predominantly Norwegian, although some came from the British Isles.

Do Icelanders speak English?

Most Icelanders speak fluent English. In fact, they welcome the opportunity – so never be shy about approaching an Icelander.

Can I pay with a credit card?

All major credit card are accepted we also accept other means of payment. For example Paypal.

How many or few people will be in my group?

Minibus: Maximum 13 persons per minibus

What kind of money is used in Iceland?

We use the Icelandic króna (ISK). All major currencies can be exchanged at the airport and banks. ATM´s are all over so please don´t worry about getting out money.

What is the standard tip for tour guides?

Tourism in Iceland is young and there is no custom for donating tips nor is it mandatory or expected but greatly appreciated if you wish to show your appreciation in that way.


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